This blog post was written by Jan Bailey Martin, NP-C, MSN, CANS.  Jan developed a great facial anatomy guide to assist injectors in learning key anatomy for injections.  To order your copy, email Jan at

Why I developed the Basic Facial Anatomy for the Injector Practitioner Manual

My inspiration for creating this project was when I attended several of my professional continuing education conferences, seminars, and workshops. It became evident of how many professional injectors were not aware of the specific anatomical sites that they were injecting. This made me want to also become more educated in this so very important subject. I began thinking of creative ways to make this happen not only for myself, but for my other professional injector colleagues. Yes we can open anatomy book after anatomy book and view all the images and illustrations, but how could I make my manual different and more interactive?

I thought about the “Old” biology books we had growing up. Remember the ones with the transparency pages that layered on top of one another so you could get a better dimensional view or a peek inside? Or maybe for the younger injectors who have not had the pleasure of holding and folding pages over to see the illustrations come alive, may this new tool add another dimension to your learning and/or reviewing of basic facial anatomy.

Of note….

  • It is very important to take into consideration that there are always variations in each person’s anatomy.
  • These illustrations were created with the intention to communicate my specific training and understanding of vessel placement in order to better serve my clients and trainees.
  • Not all anatomical structures are displayed as to keep viewing simplified.
  • This is not a “How to Inject” manual.
  • Please use this manual as a basic guide to learn and/or enhance further learning on basic facial anatomy.
  • May this manual encourage further learning of facial anatomy.

I hope you continue to keep learning more and more about how fascinating facial anatomy is as we can never learn enough.

With great enthusiasm, pride and pleasure,

Jan Bailey Martin, MSN, RN, NP-C, CANS

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

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