Learn tips that make it easier for employers to respond to your submission or job application!

In this post-pandemic job market, employers seem to have unlimited jobs available for qualified applicants. Your recruiter or employer may receive hundreds of submissions, so the suggestions below can make your resume/application stand out and be easy for them to contact you when the right job is available.

  1. Naming your resume file – Always name your resume document name with your full name, credentials, city and year the resume was created. Sending a file that says “John’s resume” will mean that it will need to be renamed before it can be filed and might just get ignored. A resume with a file name “Jane Smith NP Atlanta 2021” immediately tells the receiver the information they need to know to connect you to the correct openings.
  2. Resume contact information – In this age of social media, it can be an additional touchpoint for interested employers, so when you list contact information on your resume, be sure to include your city, your phone number, your email and your social media links. If you are in a creative field, it can also be helpful to include a photo on your resume. For example, in my field of aesthetic medicine, many employers are visual professionals and will remember a picture long before they remember a name, so I always ask candidates to include a professional photo and social media links on their resume.
  3. Cover letters – Believe it or not, many employers won’t look at a resume without a cover letter, so be sure you individualize each letter to the job. Generic cover letters tell an employer that you don’t know or care enough about the position to even personalize your application. But a strong cover letter shows the employer a bit about your interest, your writing skills, your communication style and your knowledge of the employer or the industry. You can also use this resource to share what you have done to prepare for possibly getting the position. If you are transitioning from one area to another, tell the employer what you have done to invest in yourself. This can be a powerful tool and first impression to help you stand out.
  4. Email signature – You may be applying from your phone, but that doesn’t mean the email should look like a note between friends. Always include your full name and credentials as well as your direct phone number. Again, most employers/recruiters use a database to store information on candidates and need to know your credentials and phone number at the very least to document your application. If you provide a creative service, it is also helpful to provide links to your website or IG page so that a potential employer can quickly see examples of your work.
  5. Applying on Indeed or job sites – Indeed and other job sites make applying for many jobs very easy, but also provide extreme frustration for employers if you don’t follow the guidelines for application. Always be sure to add a cover letter to your Indeed submission and be sure to provide all of the information requested. Additionally, if a recruiter tells you about a job opening, do not go online and apply for that job because then the recruiter can’t represent you to that employer if you submit an application directly.

Want more coaching on applying for aesthetic provider positions across the United States? Reach out to TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting at info@titanaesthetic.com

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