TITAN Aesthetic Supports Your Practice

Here’s how TITAN provides the right support for YOUR practice

Avoid that frustration of hiring and training an injector only to discover that they don’t have the innate aptitude for aesthetics. Or that the Esthetician is chronically late.  Or that the Practice Manager doesn’t have the work ethic you need.  The TITAN Screening Process™ is a proprietary evaluation that provides feedback on your candidate’s innate motivations, their ability to work in a team and their communication and learning skills. With a 4 part phone screening, we look at characteristics and stories to help you really learn a lot about potential employees.  For each candidate, you receive a personalized Screening Report which gives you management tips to get the most from your new employee or questions to help you learn more about this potential hire. 

Before you extend an offer of employment, ask your candidate to participate in the TITAN Aesthetic Screening.  This screening is done on a 1+hour phone call and can be customized for any potential employee.  The fee is $500 per screening and the results will guide you on how to feel good about hiring this new employee and ensuring that they are the right fit for your practice.  Want to schedule a screening?

Whether you need foundational training for a naïve injector new to your practice,  a refresher for an experienced injector or a training reward for a tenured leader, TITAN has training options for your practice.  With TITAN’s Injector Preparation Program, we guide new injectors to learn about the industry, facial anatomy and what they need to learn on their own to contribute to a practice in Course #1, Preparing to be an Aesthetic Injector.   This discounted option does not include coaching like our primary Course #1 but gives your new injector the resources they need to build a strong foundation. 

Then Course #2, Teaching Your Brain to Inject, will teach them the “why” behind injecting and prepare them for hands-on training.  You can hire a new injector and get them up to speed quickly with this program.  Finally, TITAN also offers a clinical training network for hands-on skill development with options for new and experienced injectors. 

The TITAN Injector Membership program can also be a great tenure reward for your injector(s).  The annual membership gives them hours of learning on their own time from some of the best injectors in the industry.  Learn more!  

TITAN works with manufacturers, practices and individuals across the country to provide consulting services specific to the needs of our clients.  Whether you need compensation advice, staff training, team building, practice efficiency or general business consulting, we can develop a consulting strategy specific to your needs for only $250/hour.   Let us know how we can help you by beginning with a 30 minute complimentary consultation.  Schedule that call today by reaching out to TITAN Founder Mary Beth Hagen.


While TITAN still provides recruiting services upon request, we have found that there is a larger need for bringing new injectors into the aesthetic market.  In 2022, we pivoted the business to more fully support injector preparation and development. 

We do still place TITAN-trained candidates and are always excited to share these candidates with you.  They all complete the TITAN Injector Preparation Program and TITAN Screening before any interview, and the placement fee for a new injector is only $3000. For experienced candidate searches, we partner with Job Snob for placement and recruiting needs.  We would be happy to introduce you to our friends there or you may reach out to them at info@jobsnob.net

You aren’t just looking for an employee, you are looking for a great clinician with a strong aesthetic eye that will work well with your entire team, communicate effectively with existing and prospective patients and be a positive referral base for your practice. The TITAN Aesthetic Screening™ identifies clinicians who have these qualities, so you can spend your interview time assessing their skills, knowing that they have the aesthetic aptitude to make them valuable in your practice as well as the cultural fit to complement your existing team.

We also provide screenings for other clinic employees.  Being about to learn a great deal about them from this screening allows you to plan to successfully integrate them into your practice and create strong growth and development strategies specific to their competencies and aptitudes. Each screening is only $500, so you get a lot of knowledge about future employees for a small investment. 

We welcome the chance to apply the TITAN Aesthetic Screening™ process to any candidates! Many clinics have an existing employee that is interested in injecting or you may have found a candidate on your own, so having them go through the TITAN Aesthetic Screening™ is a great way to lower your risk and know if they have the natural aptitudes to be a good aesthetic provider. 

To schedule a screening, please reach out to TITAN at mbhagen@titanaesthetic.com and we will respond to schedule your screening immediately.  Once the screening is complete, you will receive the 5- 8 page screening report and then will be invoiced via email for the $500 fee.

TITAN offers a range of services and resources at the fee schedule below: 
  • TITAN Injector Preparation Program Courses #1 & #2 (without coaching) – $2600
    • $700 for Course #1 
    • $1900 for Course #2
  • TITAN Screening for any candidate – $500
  • Compensation, business or training consulting – $300/hour
  • TITAN Injector Membership – $250 ($500 after January 1, 2023)
  • Placement fee for TITAN-trained new injector (full time) – $3000

Each year, TITAN Aesthetic conducts the TITAN Injector Compensation Survey and publishes this report to provide insight into injector compensation.  You can purchase the TITAN Injector Compensation report for $500.  This also includes 30 minutes of consulting time after purchase to discuss your particular situation.  If you would like to simply discuss compensation structures for your team, the TITAN consulting fee is $300/hour. 

TITAN knows that the laws are different in each state regarding who can inject.  Additionally, many practices have their own hands-on training protocols or have existing training structures in place.  Plus, there are really great training companies that partner with TITAN to provide outstanding hands-on training through the TITAN Clinical Training Network. 

But usually no one has the time or resources to provide new injectors with the foundational knowledge that they need to learn BEFORE starting the hands-on process, so that is why TITAN specializes in supporting the first step in injector development.  

TITAN works hard to learn about ethical and reputable businesses that support aesthetic practices with good products and services.  Browse this list of Business Partners to find additional resources that may support your needs.