I Need to Hire an         Aesthetic Injector

Here’s how TITAN helps find the right injector for your practice.

Avoid that frustration of hiring and training someone to inject only to discover that they don’t have the innate aptitude for aesthetics. The TITAN Screening Process™ provides feedback on a candidate’s aesthetic aptitude, their ability to work in a team and their communication skills.  Your personalized Screening Report also gives you management tips to get the most from your new employee.

Screenings are also available “ala carte” for a $500 fee if you simply want to know more about an existing candidate or employee. Want to schedule a screening?

All TITAN candidates come to you either as experienced injectors or with Foundational Training already completed. You don’t have to spend time or money on training and your new clinician will be ready to inject right away.  2016 ASDS survey data shows that almost 70% of consumers are now considering cosmetic treatments, so we help you choose the right candidate for your practice to meet this demand!
So you’ve hired the injector and are ready for them to grow your practice…..but do you have a plan?  TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting does and we customize our Injector Integration Plan specifically for your practice!   We provide credentialing statements, staff suggestions, press releases, new employee tips and more so your new injector will integrate quickly!


TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting has one focus – non-physician aesthetic providers. Because the entire placement team has years of experience in the aesthetic market, we not only know great candidates, we understand the specific needs of an aesthetic clinic. We provide qualified candidates with an innate aesthetic eye who will quickly provide value to your practice and your aesthetic patients.  And foundational training to prepare new injectors is also available through TITAN, something that no other placement firm offers.