Employer FAQs

  • Why should I use TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting rather than a medical or nursing recruiter?

TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting has one focus – non-physician aesthetic providers. Because the entire placement team has years of experience in the aesthetic market, we not only know great candidates, we understand the specific needs of an aesthetic clinic. We provide qualified candidates with an innate aesthetic eye who will quickly provide value to your practice and your aesthetic patients.

  • How does the TITAN Process work for my candidate search?

You hire TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting to find you the right fit for YOUR office, so we start with a conversation with you to clarify your needs. There is no financial commitment unless you hire one of our candidates, but we help you consolidate your job description and think through the skills you want in a new provider. Then TITAN conducts a search for your practice or identifies candidates from our database that meet your requirements. All candidates sent to you for interviews are screened for the aesthetic eye and for the skills to make them the right fit for your practice. When you hire a TITAN, you hire the right fit for your practice!

  • Why do you have all candidates participate in the TITAN Aesthetic Screening™?

You aren’t just looking for an employee, you are looking for a great clinician with a strong aesthetic eye that will work well with your entire team, communicate effectively with existing and prospective patients and be a positive referral base for your practice. The TITAN Aesthetic Screening™ identifies clinicians who have these qualities, so you can spend your interview time assessing their skills, knowing that they have the aesthetic aptitude to make them valuable in your practice.

  • If I use your screening services if I find my own candidate?

We welcome the chance to apply the TITAN Aesthetic Screening™ process to any candidates! Many clinics have an existing employee that is interested in injecting, so having them go through the TITAN Aesthetic Screening is a great way to lower your risk and know if they have the natural aptitudes to be a good aesthetic provider. The screening is conducted in a 1-hour telephone call and you receive a full report and assessment within 1 hour of the screening completion. The cost for an “ala carte” screening is only $500 …..and good peace of mind.

  • How much does it cost for TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting to find a Clinician for my practice?

TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting has several options for recruiting a provider:

  • Full Time Experienced RN/PA/NP injector – $5000
  • Full Time Rookie RN/PA/NP injector – $2500
  • Part Time RN/PA/NP injector – $3000
  • Per Diem Injector – $1000/injector regardless of # of days used (great for medical leaves, temporary busy times or vacation times)

What benefits do I receive after I hire a TITAN Candidate?

All TITANs receive discounts on aesthetic conferences and discounted fees for many advanced training courses. Check out the TITAN Training Network page for more information!