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TITAN offers a job board to assist candidates in finding aesthetic provider jobs in the United States. To present yourself as a strong and prepared candidate, TITAN suggests that you review the following resources to ensure that your application presents you and your experience in the best way possible.

Not quite ready and want to talk to TITAN before you start applying for jobs? Click here to request a consulting call with Mary Beth!

1. Is your resumé “aesthetic-ready”?

    • When applying for an aesthetic provider position, it is important to highlight your aesthetic experience and training, to provide a picture so they remember you, and to include a cover letter so they know you are applying for their opening specifically. Review this presentation with suggestions on creating an aesthetic resumé that will encourage an employer to interview you: Tips for Creating an Aesthetic Resume
    • Remember to submit a RESUMÉ, not a CV. If you need a template, here is one that works well and includes all of the sections you need to create a strong resumé when applying for an aesthetic provider position: TITAN Resume Template

2. What research have you done?

    • If you are applying to a job posting, be sure to learn everything that you can about that practice. Research online, read Yelp and Google reviews, and even “mystery shop” the clinic just to learn about the first impression that patients may receive.
    • If their job posting asks for specific experience and you don’t have it, please note why you are applying anyway and give them a reason to want to meet you in spite of not having the years of experience or credentials that they are requesting.
    • Do you know the industry? If you are naïve to aesthetics and hoping to get a job as a new aesthetic provider, you will want to invest in yourself first and learn about the industry, anatomy, and the role of an aesthetic provider. TITAN offers the Injector Preparation Courses that you may want to complete BEFORE applying for an injector position. Click here for more information on these courses that you should take BEFORE doing a hands-on injection class.

3. Are you an experienced Injector?

    • Do you have a non-compete that might be a roadblock to actually taking this job if offered? You might want to chat with an attorney first.
    • Have you thought about compensation and how you would like to be paid?
    • Are you willing to relocate? Have you looked at jobs in areas that you might like to relocate to?

Now that you have thought through your goals and your experience, go ahead and apply for your dream job! We have our fingers crossed that you find the perfect position.


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