CANS Exam Eligibility Updates and New Criteria


Join Tracey Hotta and Kathy Mortl, both Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists(CANS), to hear about changes to the CANS eligibility criteria, the rationale for the updates and why all RN/NP injectors should become Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists. Tracey, CEO of THMA Consulting, is a past president of ISPAN and a founding member of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Nurses (CSASN). Kathy is a past board member of ISPAN and is presently serving on PSNCB to discuss the recent updates to the CANS exam criteria and certification. With PSNCB Board Certification now confirmed, requirements to accommodate Nurse Practitioners have changed. Not an RN or NP? Join to share ideas about how this certification might eventually include a broader scope in efforts to keep the industry safe.

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CANS Exam Eligibility Updates and New Criteria

April 4, 2023, 7:00 pm