Preparing to be an Aesthetic Injector- Resources only (Course #1)


Course #1  – For New Injectors who do NOT need job placement or coaching

This course is for new injectors who have a job but need training.  No coaching or placement support is provided.  This course will help injectors begin a new career in aesthetic medicine with a strong foundation in anatomy and market/industry knowledge.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of an aesthetic provider and what to expect in this career
  • Develop facial anatomy expertise aimed specifically at facial aesthetic injecting
  • Learn how to research local market and understand the area competition
  • Acquire tips and knowledge of how to use social media and networking resources to develop a practice
  • Understand compensation in aesthetic medicine and how compensation plans differ from therapeutic medicine

Course Resources

  • “Preparing to Be an Aesthetic Injector” E-book
  • Preparation checklist
  • Complete Face online-learning anatomy app — Essentials section with 10+ hours and ~100 videos showing facial cadavers, facial assessment tips, injection techniques and adverse event considerations. (This is not a subscription — once purchased, access is available indefinitely)

Course Fee: $700 — Click here to purchase now!