Social Media Business Development Plan


Know that you need a more organized social media plan to achieve your marketing goals but don’t know how to create one?   Work with TITAN Social Media Consultant Greer Blitzer of Now Not Later Agency to create your own media plan, posting calendar and content ideas to support your practice.

This Social Media Business Development Plan will help you create a strong and effective social media strategy. The service includes several key components:

  1. Initial Consultation to determine goals and needs for your practice
  2. Social Media Audit – Now Not Later Agency will analyze the client’s existing social media presence, including profiles, content, and engagement metrics and will provide a recap of strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement to support practice goals
  3. Competitive Analysis – The agency will research social media activities and strategies of similar practices in your geographic area and provide best practices and potential opportunities based on helping your brand and practice stand out
  4. Target audience analysis – NNL Agency will work with the client to identify a target audience and the content and messages that will resonate with that audience
  5. Content strategy – The agency will help the client develop a comprehensive content strategy that includes content themes, topics, and formats as well as a content calendar to ensure regular and consistent posting
  6. Engagement strategy – Now Not Later will provide guidance on how to engage with followers and respond to comments and messages to build relationships and increase brand awareness