The TITAN Aesthetic Screening™ protocol takes the guesswork out of hiring an injector. All injectors – experienced or novice – must first pass the screening in order to be accepted as a TITAN Candidate. The screening is a 1-hour phone conversation that reviews the injector’s work history, aesthetic aptitudes and key factors for fitting into an aesthetic practice.


 All TITAN candidates who are new to injecting can enroll in the TITAN Injector Preparation Program to learn the industry, facial anatomy, botulinum toxins, hyaluronic acid fillers and comprehensive patient consultation skills.  TITAN also partners with nationally-recognized trainers to provide “best in class” hands-on training after completing the preparation program.  New injectors get the right training to start treating patients as soon as they are hired.


Once a new injector is placed in a practice, the TITAN Integration Plan provides a road map to success for the new injector, physicians and the practice support team.  This plan allows the team to work together to support great patient outcomes as the new injector is welcomed to the practice.