THE PROCESS is as easy as 1-2-3 for Injectors and Employers!


TITAN believes you start at the beginning.  For injectors, that means strong foundational preparation to understand the industry, facial anatomy and the role of an aesthetic provider.  The TITAN Injector Development Program™ is the industry’s premier process for building a foundation to transition into aesthetic medicine.

For employers, it is hard to identify the best candidates in the traditional interview process, so TITAN takes away some of the guess work with the TITAN Aesthetic Screening™ .  This proprietary screening process helps you better know and understand your potential injector’s aptitudes before you hire them so you know if they are the right cultural and clinical fit for your practice needs.


The world of aesthetics is so different from traditional medicine that you may need support to navigate training, career transition or business opportunities. TITAN encourages all new injectors – employed or not –  to start with the TITAN Injector Development Program, but we also partner with nationally-recognized trainers to provide “best in class” hands-on training after completing the foundational program. For employers,  TITAN offers a range of support services from business resources to compensation consulting to assist in building practice success. Whether you are an RN, NP or PA looking for a job or you are an employer looking for support, TITAN has a variety of resources to meet your needs.

Grow and Consult

Once a new injector starts in a practice, TITAN continues our support with additional education, consulting resources, membership programs and business resources to help injectors and practices be successful and provide great patient outcomes.  TITAN’s resource bank grows every month and being part of our membership programs can help you find mentors, assets, strategies and ideas to continually create an outstanding aesthetic patient experience in your practice.

TITAN also offers consulting services to practices and injectors.  We focus on compensation, retention plans, selling skills and more to help your practice continue to grow now and in years to come.