Best in Class Training

At TITAN, we know how hard it is to break into aesthetic medicine and that it isn’t the right career for everyone.  It is a unique medical specialty with no academic training programs where you have to build a foundation of knowledge on your own.  You must invest in yourself to show employers that they will be rewarded when they take a chance on hiring you.  It can be expensive and risky if you don’t have a job or connections in the industry.   
That is why TITAN training starts with the 2-part “Injector Development” course where you will learn tips to prepare for a career transition, create a strong foundation in anatomy and understand the products and skills that injectors use to enhance faces.  TITAN also has a network of top trainers in the industry to offer Best in Class hands-on training when you are ready.

Read on for more information about the TITAN Injector Development Program and Hands-on Training courses offered to TITANSTop Injectors TRAINING in Aesthetics Now.