How do I get started as an aesthetic injector?” If you are in the field of aesthetic medicine in any fashion – as an injector, a physician, a staff member or a sales representative – this is one of the questions you hear regularly.  There is a lot of information available in the aesthetic field, but 15 years after BOTOX® Cosmetic was approved for aesthetic uses, getting a position as a new aesthetic injector still seems to be a matter of pure luck.

Many clinicians think that the first step to becoming an injector is to attend a training course. I don’t really think it helps to go to training before you have a job and have the ability to reinforce and develop your new skills every day. But there are steps you can take to set yourself up for success in your quest to have a career injecting products like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, Xeomin®, a host of FDA-approved dermal fillers and innovative products like Kybella®. Read below for ideas about how to build your skills and knowledge before you start dropping resumes at every clinic in town!

  1. Get injected or at least go for a consultation

I’m always surprised at how many people say they want to be an injector, but have no idea what the actual job IS. I’ve spoken with many clinicians who have never even seen an aesthetic injection in person, yet they are convinced that this is the right career for them. So educate yourself by scheduling an appointment for an injectable product and experience the injection process first hand. If you feel you aren’t ready for an injectable treatment, then at least have a consultation so you see a professional in action and can ask questions. But be sure those questions are about the product or treatment and please don’t hound the injector about how to get a job injecting!

  1. Create a network

Go to medspas and offices that have open houses and patient events so that you can not only learn more about the products and procedures but so you can also get to know professionals in the industry in your area. Introduce yourself to aesthetic professionals and let them know you are giving yourself an “internship” in aesthetics so that you can be ready when you want to transition your career.

  1. Make friends in the industry

If you have friends or colleagues who can introduce you to professionals in the aesthetic industry, you will have a great way to ask questions and learn. I’m not encouraging you to be a stalker(!), but definitely use your connections to network if you can.

  1. Get a part-time job at an aesthetic clinic

I know, I know…..we are all SO busy! But working at the reception desk of a medspa or clinic even one day a week can really help you learn the terminology, the products, the patient mindset and more about the industry. If you can go to an interview and tell the physician or business owner that you prepared for a career as an injector by seeing the business and patients first hand, you will WOW them in the interview. And who knows, maybe you are so good at bringing patients to the clinic that they will NEED another injector – and you’ll be there waiting to start training!

  1. READ everything you can find on aesthetics

Modern Aesthetics ( and Medesthetics ( magazines are free sources of great information about the aesthetic industry. Available in hard copy or online, you’ll read articles by experts, learn about the hot products and procedures and even have the opportunity to watch great videos if you provide an email address.

  1. Watch YouTube videos on injecting

I know this seems like a “no brainer” suggestion, but many people I have screened as TITAN Candidates have never watched YouTube videos on injecting. Keep in mind that just like everything else on the internet, there are good videos and there are very bad (even scary) videos out there. If you find a video that seems helpful, research the injector to know their credentials. Obviously you don’t want to learn from the girl that injects herself in the mirror in the bathroom!

  1. Go to conferences

National meetings that focus on non-physician injectors or extenders can be a great way to learn and to network while you are contemplating a career in aesthetic injecting. The Aesthetic Extender Symposium ( and the Cosmetic Boot Camp – Extender meeting ( are both high quality meetings that provide CME and new information on non-surgical aesthetic products and procedures.

  1. Find Linked in and Facebook pages

There are many social media pages that offer networking experience and advice. Follow several and ask questions. You might also follow Instagram stories from top practices and providers so you learn more about services offered and can watch live demonstrations.

  1. Take online courses

Often unrestricted educational grants are provided to organizations like PALETTE Resources (www.paletteresources. Com) and AestheticCare ( to provide online courses covering aesthetic injectable topics. Earning CME for aesthetic education is a great way to show a prospective employer that you are serious about injecting!

  1. Find a mentor who injects and learn as much as you can

If you do the 10 steps above, you’ll be educated and will be prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. A career as an aesthetic injector is hard work and long hours, so do the work now to show prospective employers that you have what it takes. And of course call TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting to help you find the right place to start your new career!

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  • I like your tip to watch YouTube videos on injecting to help get an idea of what aesthetic injecting is like. My daughter told me that she wants to get into injecting, but she’s having issues figuring out how to get started. I’ll pass this tip along to her as well as encourage her to seek out professional training.

  • Dominika Fehervari
    November 10, 2020 7:26 pm

    Hello I am in school to get my RN but I was just wondering if the pay rate would be different if I continued to get my BSN.

  • James J. Nestor, CRNP
    July 7, 2021 10:43 am

    Looking for an injection mentor for Botox and fillers. I’m certified and have been a nurse practitioner for 25 years. Live in Philadelphia area. Really having issues securing an internship even one day a week. If I could get any help. Much appreciated.

    • Hi James,
      We have the ability to match injectors to mentors through the TITAN Injector Membership program. TITAN simply arranges injectors for you to chat with about mentorships – we don’t take any fees beyond the annual TITAN Membership subscription. In the meantime, feel free to send your resume and what you are looking for to and we’ll see if we can help!


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