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TITAN offers resources to support you at every step of your aesthetic career journey

The demand for injectors has never been greater!  Whether you are an experienced injector or looking to enter the field as a new injector, TITAN Aesthetic  can help. Injector Preparation, Training and Coaching support ensures that you have the right foundation to enter the industry, grow your aesthetic knowledge, add business skills or simply network with other injectors.  Read on to learn how TITAN Aesthetic can support your career.

The TITAN Aesthetic Injector Development Program is your first step to transitioning into a career as an aesthetic provider. 

Learn more about the TITAN Injector Development Program 

TITAN Aesthetic partners with some of the best injectors in the world to help you find great hands-on and clinical training.   Injecting is more than just knowing insertion points; it is knowing your anatomy, all of the FDA-approved products and the critical thinking skills necessary to be an effective and safe provider.   Visit our Clinical Training Network to find a training opportunity near you for new or advanced training.  

Whether a new or tenured injector, constant learning is the key to remaining a safe and effective injector.  TITAN offers the TITAN Injector Membership program to support peer-to-peer training and networking as well as other resources and activities to help you continue to grow as a provider.  And we also offer coaching/consulting support to existing injectors who need advice or support in your career.  Athletes and Hollywood stars have agents to help them with their careers – why shouldn’t you be able to hire someone to represent and support your career?  


TITAN supports employers with training, business coaching and new injector support

TITAN knows that it isn’t easy to find and retain great injectors for your practice.   So TITAN starts with medical professionals who have great aesthetic aptitudes and supports training them from the beginning with the right foundation.   The TITAN Process™ allows us to bring new injectors into the market who can quickly make an impact in your practice OR we can help you retain your existing injector by creating growth and compensation strategies.

TITAN Aesthetic supports aesthetic practices with a variety of resources, but one client favorite is the TITAN Aesthetic Screening™.  This proprietary process allows us to learn about a candidate’s work ethic, their self-motivation and their career goals as well as their inherent aesthetic aptitudes.  Most candidates tell us that the process is like a therapy session and most employers tell us that they learn more than they ever imagined about their candidates.   For less than the cost of a vial of neurotoxin, we can give you great insight into the candidates you are looking to hire.  

Learn more about the TITAN Aesthetic Screening 

Many employers tell us that they can do hands-on injection training but that they don’t have the time or resources to teach them all that a new injector needs to know before they start sticking needles in faces.  The TITAN Aesthetic Screening helps you to hire a new RN, NP or PA who is a great cultural fit for your practice, then use the TITAN Injector Development program to give your new provider the right foundation in the industry, facial anatomy and the “why” behind injecting.  

Read about the TITAN Injector Preparation Program 

Most consultants have templates that they use for multiple clients or to try to sell you on methods or programs they already have developed.  At TITAN, we believe in meeting YOUR needs at an hourly rate for consulting.  Whether you are looking for information on injector compensation strategies, employee retention plans, team building, business growth or simply guidance for future growth, let a TITAN Aesthetic Director support your practice. 


Your work product for individual practitioners and the screening presentation is impressive.  Thanks for going along with our request to interview the practitioners anonymously.  Our results provide you with a strong benchmark to move forward with great confidence in your methodology.

Medspa COO feedback from injector screening project

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