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The demand for injectors has never been greater!  Whether you are an experienced injector or looking to enter the field as a new injector, TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting can help.  Screening, training referrals and full-service placement support will ensure you find the right position whether you are looking for full or part-time employment. The information below will explain how TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting can support your career.


Are you looking for a talented injector?

Finding an experienced injector who can integrate into your practice is one of the toughest tasks in managing an aesthetic business.  But TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting can help if that is what you need.  Another option is to consider hiring a new injector that was screened and trained via the TITAN Process™.  These injectors have been screened for the “aesthetic eye” and trained to provide a strong foundation.  Learn more here 


Mary Beth is seriously one of THE MOST intuitive people I have ever met. Her relentless commitment to find me the prefect practice was evident from our very first phone call. She is incredibly accountable and will always take your call and reply to every text/email immediately – with a thoughtful response complete with personalized and insightful content. She DELIVERS. Her honesty, guidance, and unyielding work ethic created a confidence that I have rarely ever felt toward another professional. Her vast experience and knowledge base gives her the talent and insight on the logistics of where and how to place a professional. Her personality and passion for what she does makes it an enjoyable life-changing experience. I feel I have gained a gifted professional ally and a brilliant friend in this transformative process.

Jennifer Adams

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